World Cup grew out of the Pop Warner success of mother–daughter team Elaine Pascale and Joelle Antico. For many years, Pascale served as coach of the local Pop Warner team that her younger daughter Janee had joined. Eventually, the family moved to Freehold, New Jersey, where Pascale found herself coaching a Pop Warner midget squad. By this time Antico was attending Penn State and would come home on weekends to assist her mother with the team. In 1992, the pair won their first Pop Warner National Championship.

The transition from Pop Warner to all stars was not a big leap for Pascale and Antico. After the national win and with the Pop Warner season over, a small group of their students and parents persuaded them to start a competition squad, and the World Cup All Stars were born.

In the spring of 2018 World Cup Stratosphere became the newest member of the World Cup family. Located in Lancaster, PA, Stratosphere is bringing the core values that have made World Cup successful to Central PA. We believe in a positive mentoring model that encourages our athletes to reach their full potential on and off the mat. Being part of World Cup Stratosphere is more than membership on a team, it's a family. 

Season 1 Success

Ultimate Cheerstarz

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