Never having done Allstar cheer, World Cup Stratosphere welcomed Caroline with open arms. She is now stronger, mentally and physically, than ever before and is excited to go to practice and cheer competitions. World Cup has taught Caroline more than technique and skills; they have taught her how to be a teammate, a friend, and hard worker. -Jenni Weber

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Julia has loved every minute with World Cup Stratosphere. The coaches give her the encouragement she needs to learn and grow. There’s no hiding the joy cheer brings her when she’s cheering and for that we are thankful. -Cheryl Etkin

WC has helped Chloe come out of her shell and become not only a strong individual athlete, but more importantly a pertinent member of a team. She has the confidence and drive to attain all the goals she sets for herself. She has made amazing bonds with her teammates and coaches that are unbreakable. - Heather Leon

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Being part of the World Cup family has really transformed my daughter! Molly used to be very shy, quiet, and afraid to try new things. After 4 years of cheer, she is now outgoing, has made a lot of friends, loves to perform, and has mastered the facials necessary for an All-Star routine!! Thank you World Cup for bringing out the “true” Molly! -Kate Constein

Our first full year of Allstar cheer  has been a wonderful experience. World Cup and the coaches have been exceptional! My daughter has gained confidence on and off the mat. Watching her gain new skills and throwing her back handspring for the first time was amazing to watch. We can’t wait to spend another season with our World Cup family!

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